Thursday, August 02, 2007

A New President for the Nassau Young Republicans

Head on over to the Nassau County Young Republicans site and read that "We are currently in the process of updating our site. Please check back in a week or two when we are back up and running once again.!"
Then click on the
"A Message from President Micheal R. Kaplan." It's the same message that has been up there since Chris Bastardi was president but at the end it says "Sincerely, Andrew Stream, President."
Click on "Officers" on the main page and Stream is now President and Stephen Canzoneri is Executive VP.
Former President (2006-2007) Alex P. Vassallo is now Recording Secretary.

Congrats to Andrew Stream for being the 4th President in 2 years.

My money is on
Kathleen Hunker as President by January.

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