Monday, October 01, 2007

Michael Uhl, Democratic Candidate for the Nassau Legislature

"Incumbency Has Its Privileges; Michael Uhl Has The Internet
Open any local paper – maybe even the one you’re reading right now – and you are likely to find a photograph, or three, of your elected officials.
Your county legislator shows up – often with his own photographer -- at a pancake breakfast or pasta dinner, barely saying more than “hello,” and voila, a photo opportunity.
Such is the power of incumbency, and the ability of those in office to get their names – and pictures – in the papers on a weekly basis.
“It hasn’t been about the issues,” said Michael Uhl, candidate for County Legislature in the 8th Legislative District. “It has been about the photo opportunity and name recognition, and that’s what we’re hoping to change.”
Change, indeed. Campaigning on a platform of across the board reform, from consolidating special taxing districts to breaking down the partisan roadblocks that stymie the best of intentions in the legislature, Michael Uhl is looking beyond the photo op to the 21st Century “webolution.”
“Not only have we created a presence on the web with a traditional website,” says an enthusiastic Uhl, “we’ve also launched a blog, or web log, where residents can read about and discuss the issues that matter most to them.
While Michael Uhl’s website – – offers the standard fare of bio, issues, news, and links, The Uhl Blog, as it is called -- -- takes a more cutting edge approach.
Sometimes lighthearted and often over-the-top, The Uhl Blog offers unique perspectives, as well as the opportunity for residents to post comments, participate in polls, and to literally direct the issues in the campaign.
“If we’re going to bring change to Nassau County ,” declared Uhl, “and reform a system that is driving homeowners off the island and taxpayers into debt, we need to engage the voter in the debate, and not belittle the electorate with the meaningless photo op.”
“The real opportunity,” said Uhl, “is for residents to take back government so that it works for them, not for the benefit of the political parties, or for the career politicians who woo voters at pancake breakfasts, but do little to address substantive issues that are our bread and butter.”
The 8th Legislative District encompasses Garden City, Garden City South, Stewart Manor, West Hempstead, Franklin Square and portions of Elmont and Floral Park ."

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I think Michael Uhl would have been the best legislature evr!!!=]

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