Thursday, January 11, 2007

Who is the Republican Candidate for the 7th Senate District?

It might very well be Maureen O'Connell but you'd be hard-pressed to find her party affiliation on her website or in her TV ad.
Usually the Nassau GOP and its candidates make sure you know to "VOTE REPUBLICAN!!!!!" but not this time.
On her 'bio' page, O'Connell lists her past jobs and office but no party. "In 1998, Maureen was overwhelmingly elected to the New York State Assembly. She was the first woman elected to represent the state’s 17th Assembly District.."
"In November 2005, Maureen was elected Nassau County Clerk."
There isn't even a Nassau GOP logo on her site.
It's not even on her "endorsements" page.
Looking at her signs, there's no menion of party either.
What's going on here?
Sure, the Dems have a voter registration advantage in the district but Balboni had no problem winning as an advertised republican.

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