Thursday, January 11, 2007

Dean Skelos Says Dumb Things

For the number 2 guy in the State Senate, Skelos sure says dumb things.
Skelos tells Newsday's Rick Brand in regards to the Democrats who put thier names in the ring to run for Balboni's empty seat "This is just another example of the Democratic dysfunction, like when they could not elect a presiding officer last year. It's embarrassing for the Democratic Party,"
Is Skelos that dumb?
The Democratic Party is "dysfunctional" because more than one qualified candidate wanted the nomination and the Democratic Party considered each one and made thier choice???
Sorry but the Democratic Party isn't like the Nassau GOP where you have to do enough favors and wait your turn quietly until Joe Mondello feels you earned it.
Poor GOP Legislator Nicollelo thought that maybe he would have a shot but wouldn't go the distance to get the nomination. Newsday reported "Nassau Legis. Richard Nicolello (R-New Hyde Park), who said Tuesday that he would like to run, would only be the nominee should O'Connell have to drop out, sources said."

Skelos's thought process is so "dysfunctional" he actually compares Democrats interviewing potential candidates and selecting one to a fight for leadership a year ago.
THAT is "embarrassing."
For Skelos.
And he's the next in line to run the Republican-dominated Senate?

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