Thursday, January 25, 2007

Run Maureen, Run

When Maureen O'Connell was told to run for the State Senate, she took it seriously.
O'Connell is running from her party name, running from her State Assembly record, running from the other republican State Senators and seemingly running against them.
O'Connell has yet to identify herself as a republican on her signs, in her ads or on her website. Why is she afraid to say she is a republican?
When confronted about her State Assembly record, O'Connell has been less than honest. She has also been caught inflating her own resume and background to make herself more appealing. From the Capitol Confidential
"Meanwhile, Johnson’s campaign is taking issue with the claim on the 1199 TV ad that O’Connell ”designed the first at-home care program in the nation” for cancer patients, noting Montefiore Hospital in the Bronx had a similar program 30 years earlier - something that was footnoted in
an article O’Connell co-authored in 1980.
O’Connell’s Web site says she designed “one of (my boldface added) the nation’s first programs providing comprehensive in-home care” for North Shore University Hospital.

UPDATE: Elsewhere on the site, it says that she “designed the nation’s first program providing in-home care for cancer patients.”

So, it’s a bit unclear which one of these statements is, in fact, true.

Johnson spokesman Alex Navarro said:
“Ms. O’Connell has clearly realized it’s impossible to run on her extreme right-wing record, so she has instead chosen to create a new history for herself. While we agree that this fabrication is far more attractive than her anti-choice, anti-stem cell record, we also believe that campaigns should be run on the facts, and this is not one of them."

And besides running from her republican roots, she is running against the very republicans she wants to serve with in the State Senate. On her website, O'Connell attempts to be an outsider calling for "reform."
Her indictment of the republican-led senate is pretty clear.
O'Connell's site says "Her goal is to bring about a more open, responsive and efficient state government. A government that is accountable to New York State taxpayers."
Hear that Dean Skelos? You didn''t do enough to make yourselves accountable. Maureen says 'shame on you.' She's coming to Albany to clean up your mess.
She even wrote to Governor Spitzer pledging her support for his agenda. I'm pretty sure she didn't support Spitzer's agenda during the election.
O'Connell takes a shot across Dean's bow with "The purpose of state government is to serve the best interests of its people.
Unfortunately, for many years, that principle has not been applied in Albany.
Gee Dean, Maureen is aying you are bad for New York.
" Long Islanders send more to Albany than they receive. An income limit will further shortchange local taxpayers.
Instead of depriving Long Islanders of desperately needed property tax relief, Maureen’s plan will ensure that we receive our fair share."
So what exactly have Skelos (the #2 man in the senate,) Hannon, Fuschillo and Marcellino been doing all this time?
Apparantly a pretty poor job for us Long Islanders. Thank goodness Maureen has a plan as a freshman senator that a decades-long serving Skelos doesn't.
Maureen even takes the sitting Long Island Senators to task and emasculating them with "I'll be that strong voice that holds Albany accountable for every tax dollar they spend"
The truth is, once elected she will do the bidding of Joe Bruno and Dean Skelos, falling in line and once again raising the republican flag she hid during the campaign.

Remember, she's
"Someone who means what she says..."
Yeah, right.


Anonymous said...

"Emasculating"? So, a woman politician who does her job by defending the interests of her constituents emasculates the male politicians she deals with?

Thank you for convicing me to go vote. I will vote for Ms. O'Connell and I hope to convince several other people this morning to take the time to vote.

J said...

Come now, you are clearly trying to take the post out of context.
It's not the fact that she is a woman at all. She has been taking Skelos down with her comments. Pretty simple.
And you were going to vote for O'Connell anyway.