Wednesday, January 24, 2007

File Under: Amusing and Arrogant

Marty Schwartz, the self important little fellow who runs "The Schwartz Report" message board posted a locked message today for O'Connell and Johnson:
"Candidates are encouraged to contact me at to be interviewed."

"The Schwartz Report" for the uninitiated is a message board where political enemies can leave blistering and many times slanderous attacks on each other.
The proprietor Martin H. Schwartz is not a fan of free speech if the attacks are on someone he likes. Posts are frequently deleted and people banned from the site if they cross Marty's line.

The question is why do candidates have to reach out to him to be interviewed?
And why are they "encouraged" to do so?
It's not as though a 10 question interview on Schwartz's website will have any affect on the special election.

Both O'Connell and Johnson have websites with e-mail, phone, fax and address info. If Schwartz wants to interview them he can easily contact them both.

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