Monday, May 25, 2009

Massapequa Community Forum Kudos

I attended a community forum (open to all) in Massapequa last friday night. It was hosted by a Tea Party group based in Massapequa. They invited politicians of every party to speak. I went with a little apprehension, knowing that the only Dem speaker Legislator Dave Mejias might not be very welcomed by the crowd. Laura Gill and the organizers did a fantastic job running the question and answer session and kept the crowd civil. The panel besides Mejias was all republican elected officials and for some reason candidate Joe Belesi.
Anyone looking for a good dialog would have found it at this meeting. Dave Mejias gave detailed answers to questions and held his own when a couple of audience members shouted at him. And again, the organizers tamped that down immediately so that eveyone had an opportunity to hear thier elected officials speak.
I'll have nmore details in a later post. (and some video)

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Anonymous said...

Civility at a tea party event? I thought the whole tea party credo was whoever shouts the loudest is right (and in the majority).