Thursday, May 21, 2009

Nassau GOP Gone Wild.... Actually Batshit Crazy

Nina Petraro-Bastardi is a former republican runing as a Democrat for the Nassau County Legislature. Below is a video of Mondello's thugs trying to shut her up... and it doesn't work.
Pay close attention to the 'roid rage guy who comes a little to close to Nina and Tom Suozzi. NCPD needs to keep an eye out for angry people like him.


Anonymous said...

how low does suozzi need to go to pull a childish stunt like that. that shows what a desperate man he is.

Joshua Trupin said...

That guy reminded me of many of the Iraq War discussions I had about six years ago.

Even the GOP knows how badly their brand is tracking. That's why all their people were standing around Nina chanting "Trade up! Trade up!" Obviously they think that people should trade up to a Dem.