Monday, May 28, 2007

Are Conservatives That Way Because They Are Scared?


"Jost’s findings, detailed in American Psychologist, suggest that environmental factors, or the types of situations people encounter in their lives, determine approximately half of their political preferences.

For example, when people fear death or terrorism, or are in a state of uncertainty, they tend to become more conservative, he said. A study of World Trade Center survivors after 9/11 reported that 38 percent grew more conservative in the 18 months following the attacks, as compared with only 13 percent who became more liberal."

Monday, May 21, 2007

Mondello, State GOP Chairman Endorse Rudy

Sure he's the hometown boy but Guiliani is going to flame-out between now and the first primary. Let's see if Mondello works to keep the other republicans off the primary ballot or actually believes in the democratic process. My money is on using the arcane NYS election law to keep McCain, Romney, Paul and the rest off the ballot.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Nassau Republicans Take Tumble on LI Press Power List

Not a good year for Nassau republicans in the Long Island Press Power List....

13. Alfonse D’Amato
Last year #7

20. Dean Skelos
Last year #13

24. Kate Murray
Last year #15

40. Joseph Mondello
Last year #35

and as we mentioned in another post, Peter Schmitt is off the list.

Schmitt Off of Long Island Press Power List

Each year, the Long Island Press prints as "Power List" of influential Long Islanders. This year many republicans have taken a fall down the ladder. Minority Leader Peter Schmitt fell off the ladder entirely.

"Leg. Peter Schmitt

Hello? Watching GOP bulldog Schmitt shout at the rain has finally "Jumped the Shark.""

Monday, May 14, 2007

Mondello is a Popular State Chairman... Okay, Not Really.

The NYTimes story today by Danny Hakim 'G.O.P. May Be Losing Patience With State Chairman’s Scarcity' is interesting.
Discontent is rising with Joseph N. Mondello, the state’s Republican Party chairman, ahead of the party’s New York City fund-raiser on Thursday featuring John McCain and Rudolph W. Giuliani.

Several Republican officials privately suggest that Mr. Mondello has worn out his welcome even with his ally Joseph L. Bruno, the Senate majority leader, who is said to want a more forceful partner in his battles with Gov. Eliot Spitzer. And names of possible replacements have been circulating, including those of former State Senator Ray Meier of Utica, who lost a Congressional bid last year, and Edward Lurie, executive director of the Senate Republican Campaign Committee. “The early concern is he has not been upstate, other than Albany,” one upstate Republican senator said. “And those are concerns among county chairmen and elected officials.”

There were denials in the article but the undercurrent is very telling. From the beginning influential members around the state were unhappy with Mondellos ascendency. The Times points out why of course "Certainly Mr. Mondello got off to a bad start, with the party losing a contentious special election in February for a Senate seat in Nassau County, where Mr. Mondello has been the longtime party chairman."
And don't forget losing an Assembly race and a Legislature race within a month of losing the senate seat. The state republicans also see Mondellos loss of the Nassau DA two years ago and inability to win back the legislature or County Executive seat as indicative of his leadership. Add to that the county registration for republicans which was once robust is now anemic.

The article concludes
"Anthony Santino, a spokesman for Mr. Mondello, said the chairman “enjoys the full support of Senator Bruno and the vast majority of the county leaders.”
“Anything else,” he added, “is just Capitol rumor.”

When there is smoke....

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Peter Schmitt in Mission:Impossible

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Just got a mailing from Minority Leader Schmitt called the "12th Legislative District Report." He sends out these glossy mailings at a pretty big cost to the taxpayers. On the front page he goes on about his gimmick to freeze reassessment for five years. We touched on the gimmick back in March and plan on following this post up with more.
BUT what really caught my attention was this great line "One of my proudest achievements this year has been leading all of the Nassau Republican Legislators in a charge to stop the increases due to reassessment."

Yes, he was able to "lead ALL of the Nassau Republican Legislators."
of them.
Because you know the republicans in the legislature don't work well together.
So congratulations Mr. Schmitt for doing the impossible and having all the republicans vote in lock-step.
Notice any sarcasm here?

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Baby You Can Drive My Car

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"Why does an OTB person need a car?" asked Legis. John Ciotti (R-North Valley Stream) during a hearing into car use by the county and related agencies. "It's absurd."

That is just as absurd as a Legislator who needs a County car to go to events in his own neighborhood.
Lets take for instance Minority Leader Peter J. Schmitt.
Schmitt attended the Massapequa Loyalty Day Parade this past sunday. This parade takes place in N. Massapequa which is a good 5-6 minutes from where he lives. The question is why would Schmitt need a County car plate# AKW1059 which is a Black Crown Vic w/County Seal on door?
In order for Schmitt to have the use of that car, he would have to drive 14 miles to Mineola, sign out the car and drive 14 miles back to Massapequa. That is 28 miles round-trip to go to an event 3 miles from where he lives (or 6 miles round-trip.)
And then he still has to travel 14 miles back to Mineola in the County car to return it. That's 14 miles in his own car and 28 miles in a County car. A total of 42 miles travelled in order to use the County car.
Now THAT is absurd.
Keep in mind that this is not an isolated incident and Schmitt frequently uses a County car to go to events in his own neighborhood. How many round-trips from Mineola to Massapequa have been made over the years so Schmitt can look official?
Does he really need to use a County car?
The answer is simply NO.

The car parked on N. Broadway sunday....
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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

More from the Nassau Young Republican "GALA"

They write "Seaford Executive Leader Charlie Milone expressed a lot of optimism with regards to this year's election in which he will work tirelessly to retire Legislator David Mejias and work to ensure a Republican majority in the County Legislature."

I guess since Mejias' district is not in Seaford, Milone mentioned Mejias and not Dave Denenberg because Peter King was in attendence. (UPDATE: Got my DD wrong. Denis Dunne has Seaford.) Mejias made King spend his car payment money to retain his congressional seat. Mejias make Peter mad.
In order to "retire" Mejias, the republicans need a viable candidate.
And I don't even need to get into what kind of disaster there would be in the county if the republicans get the majority in the County Legislature. Peter Schmitt as presiding officer? Junk Bond status here we come (again.)

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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

With an Average 7% School Tax Increase for Nassau, I'm Glad Our Legislators Solved the School Funding Problem

Oh wait, they didn't.
BUT they have some free time on their hands.

Posted on the Daily News blog Daily Politics...

"Legislative Idol

It doesn't get much better than this...

On Tuesday, May 29, members of the state Assembly will strut their stuff at a local Albany bar in a mock American Idol contest in order to raise money for two charities: The Alzheimer's Association and Justice for Children International.

So far, the contestants include: Joe Lentol and William Colton, both Brooklyn Democrats; Joe Saladino, a Long Island Republican; Bill Parment, a Jamestown Democrat; and Dan Burling, a Warsaw Republican.

Individuals or teams will be performing a song of their choice in front of a panel of judges that includes Assembly Sargeant at Arms Wayne Jackson (in the role of Randy); Paul Rapp, a local music critic (playing Simon), and Marilee King of Zap Legislative Courier Service (standing in for Paula Abdul).

Sen. Joe Robach (R-Rochester) will emcee the event, a la Ryan Seacrest. The winner will be selected through audience applause. The prize? Bragging rights and a trophy.

A band known as the "Budget Blues Boys," which includes Parment, Saladino, Assemblyman Richard Brodsky (D-Westchester), and Assemblyman Dennis Gabryszak, (D-Cheektowaga).

I promise to have a camera by then."