Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Baby You Can Drive My Car

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"Why does an OTB person need a car?" asked Legis. John Ciotti (R-North Valley Stream) during a hearing into car use by the county and related agencies. "It's absurd."

That is just as absurd as a Legislator who needs a County car to go to events in his own neighborhood.
Lets take for instance Minority Leader Peter J. Schmitt.
Schmitt attended the Massapequa Loyalty Day Parade this past sunday. This parade takes place in N. Massapequa which is a good 5-6 minutes from where he lives. The question is why would Schmitt need a County car plate# AKW1059 which is a Black Crown Vic w/County Seal on door?
In order for Schmitt to have the use of that car, he would have to drive 14 miles to Mineola, sign out the car and drive 14 miles back to Massapequa. That is 28 miles round-trip to go to an event 3 miles from where he lives (or 6 miles round-trip.)
And then he still has to travel 14 miles back to Mineola in the County car to return it. That's 14 miles in his own car and 28 miles in a County car. A total of 42 miles travelled in order to use the County car.
Now THAT is absurd.
Keep in mind that this is not an isolated incident and Schmitt frequently uses a County car to go to events in his own neighborhood. How many round-trips from Mineola to Massapequa have been made over the years so Schmitt can look official?
Does he really need to use a County car?
The answer is simply NO.

The car parked on N. Broadway sunday....
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Anonymous said...

You follow Legislator Schmitt around taking pictures of where he goes and what he does? Get a life.