Wednesday, May 02, 2007

More from the Nassau Young Republican "GALA"

They write "Seaford Executive Leader Charlie Milone expressed a lot of optimism with regards to this year's election in which he will work tirelessly to retire Legislator David Mejias and work to ensure a Republican majority in the County Legislature."

I guess since Mejias' district is not in Seaford, Milone mentioned Mejias and not Dave Denenberg because Peter King was in attendence. (UPDATE: Got my DD wrong. Denis Dunne has Seaford.) Mejias made King spend his car payment money to retain his congressional seat. Mejias make Peter mad.
In order to "retire" Mejias, the republicans need a viable candidate.
And I don't even need to get into what kind of disaster there would be in the county if the republicans get the majority in the County Legislature. Peter Schmitt as presiding officer? Junk Bond status here we come (again.)

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Anonymous said...

Actually the northern part of Seaford is in LD14, not Denenberg.

J said...

Actually it is in LD12. I know because I campaigned there and intend to again.
LD14 Mejias
LD12 Schmitt

Anonymous said...

Then explain why in 2003 and 2005 Dave Mejias was walking door-to-door in northern Seaford?

J said...

LD 14 North Wantagh/North Massapequa
LD 12 North-Eastern Seaford/Morth Massapequa
LD 15 Seaford/North Wantagh

Mejias walks North Wantagh.

Anonymous said...

According to the Nassau Board of Elections: Seaford has six election districts in LD14.

Tim J said...

No Seaford there

Anonymous said...

Mejias is in north Seaford. The area behind Island Rec on broadway is in Seaford although the school district is Plainedge. Streets such as Arlington Drive, Parkside,Dianne, etc are mejias district.