Thursday, August 16, 2007

Can I Get an AMEN!, Brother

Newsdays blog Spin Cycle is reporting that Mondello is going to seek a a full term as New York State GOP Chairman when this term expires...
"State Republican chairman Joseph Mondello will seek a full two-year term in the post at the party’s statewide committee meeting next month, his spokesman says. His pitch to fellow GOP-ers will be that the corner has turned, the party is rebuilding, and fundraising is putting the state organization in the black.
He currently serves in the unexpired term begun under former chair Stephen Minarik. Mondello remains simultaneously the Nassau chairman."

This news is making me tingly.
According to his spokesman, Mondello thinks that "the corner has been turned." Well, that corner leads to a Dead End.
Other than hyping a nothing "scandal," the state GOP is as dead as the Nassau GOP.
The election this november in Nassau will be nothing more than status-quo with a chance that TOBAY Councilwoman Walker might get sent packing and a pick-up for the Dems in the Legislature. The prospects are dim for Mondello's hometown party and it really doesn't look that great state-wide.
Next year, state senator Serf Maltese from Queens will probably lose and Padavan from Queens might follow. It doesn't help that the Queens GOP is in disarray and their only up and comer City Councilman Dennis Gallagher jut got indicted on 10 counts of rape and sexual assault.
At this point, the state GOP will lose the senate in 2008 and most likely a couple of congressional seats like Kuhl and Reynolds.

Bless Joe Mondello and his leadership skills and I hope he stays on as Chairman.


Anonymous said...

LOL, a "scandal"? Are you kidding? He's worse than Nixon with the stonewalling and the lying. Reynolds is safe, was only a problem with the Foley scandal in 2006. And how odd, you forgot to mention your own Congressman Peter King being vulnerable. Finally realize that he's unbeatable?

J said...

Oh come on now. There is no scandal. amd "worse than Nixon?" Did Spitzer fire anyone investigating this? No.
Did Spitzer order teh fire-bombing of teh Brookigs Institute? Order break-ins? No and no. Stop comparing his to Nixon. It's sad an over-reaching.
So where are Brunos e-mails? He won't turn those over.

Reynolds is going to lose and King i sin trouble depending on who runs against him.

Anonymous said...

In a landslide Democrat year, with a huge influx of national campaign dollars and marquee campaign guests, Mejias still lost by double digits. Johnny, please explain to me how the environment could be any more perfect for a Democrat next time around?? I doubt Mejias wants it again, he is going to have a difficult time holding onto his Legislative seat this year.