Monday, July 23, 2007

The Unmitigated Gall of Schmitt and His Crony Ed Ward

You really have to get a roadmap to follow all the players in Nassau County politics. You need the roadmap because the public doesn't know about all the little side roads that are out there. Take for instance the budget for Nassau Community College. The budget is being held up in the legislature because of a proposed $166 increase in tuition. Many NCC students work very hard and $166 might seem like a small sum to many but to students at NCC, that may mean dropping out or putting off taking more classes. I agree that the $166 increase should be eliminated. But how do you do it? Let's hear from Ed Ward, the $80,000/year spokesman for Peter Schmitt who is quoted in Newsday "Ed Ward, spokesman for Minority Leader Peter Schmitt (R-Massapequa), said yesterday that Schmitt wanted to see what the college presents as an alternative budget. Schmitt said he's most concerned about the $166 annual tuition hike."
Funny thing is, Ed Ward is an employee of NCC.. specifically Vice President of Legal Affairs. How much is he making there? Maybe if he quits, the college eliminates his salary and Ward survives on the $80,000 he makes on the taxpayers dime, there won't be a $166 increase. Oh wait, Ward lives off the taxpayers dime no matter what he does.
Let's ask for Ward to resign from NCC so they save his salary and pass that savings on to the students.

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Does anyone even read this crap? Oh wait I just looked at the site they don't.