Monday, July 23, 2007

Schmitt Lawyer Proves the Case Against Schmitt

Paul Millus is a real character. It is costing Nassau County taxpayers upwards of $180,000 for Millus to defend Schmitt against a slander lawsuit brought by the firm of Crowe-Deegan.
The long and short of it is that Millus is arguing that Schmitt as a legislator is protected and can say whatever he wants and not be sued. Then comes the Newsday story where Dave Mejias says "Paul Millus has milked the taxpayers for nearly $200,000. Now he wants to milk us for more."
Millus responds to my utter delight "If he says I'm acting unethically, I'll take action against him. ... He better watch his step."
Yes dear readers, Millus is threatening to go after Mejias the same way the Plaintiffs Crowe-Deegan are going after Schmitt. Millus will defend Schmitts right to say anything but doesn't think Dave Mejias has a right to question Millus' billing.
This is really very funny. Millus has now taken two sides on this case.. the Plaintiffs and the Defendants.
To quote Millus himself "Politicians have to have the flexibility to say things in the public interest."
And he says he'll take action against Mejias.
It's time for Schmitt to take responsibility not only for the words he says but for the bills the County is paying for him.
Nassau County Can't Afford Peter Schmitt.

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PMillus said...

Ah,the difference is my overzealous and biased friends, Mr. Mejias is a lawyer. As a lawyer he owes a duty to speak the truth and not to attack other lawyers when his facts and understanding of the law are plainly incorrect. So, (now read carefully) even if Mr. Mejias remarks might not qualify as defamatory under New York Law, a lawyer has an ethical obligation as well to not mistate facts for his own purpose and question a lawyer's integrity if there is no basis to do so.

For example, did you know that the amount billed to the county thus far has been $160,575? Mr. Mejias did. Did you also know this amount covers two court actions spanning back 2 and 3 years, respectively? Mr. Mejais knew this as well. Yes, friends, we sucessully represented Legislaotor Schmitt in Federal Court under the contract referred to in Newsday having the complaint dismissed against him. Did Mr. Mejais clue you in on that one? Did he also tell you that the County then settled the case a day after the decsion was rendered for $475,000 becuase Peter Sylver was a remaining defendant? No? . . . I am shocked. Now he must have told you that we successfully had Crowe Deegan decalred a public figure which will be extremely significant as the case moves forward and that the third cause of action was dismissed by the Appellate Court. He had to tell you that.

In sum, I know your supremely and rabidly biased. So facts become what you want to make of them. But I can tell you this, be assured that if you are ever sued for defamation (not by me) you are entitled to a vigorous defense with your attorney raising all legally appropriate arguments on uyour behalf. So rest easy.