Tuesday, July 17, 2007

State Chairman Mondello Loses Another One

No, there wasn't a special election you didn't hear about, it was a party switch by Westchester Assemblyman Nick Spano.
Journal News reports "Spano, a member of the Yonkers-based family that was once a symbol of Republican power in the Lower Hudson Valley, announced that he was switching parties and becoming a Democrat because the national Republicans had moved too far to the right.
"The Republican Party, for some reason, has not really embraced moderates like me, and I thought that this was my way of almost protesting, saying it is time to move on," Spano said about his decision.
On issues like health care and abortion rights, the Republican Party has simply moved away from average Americans, Spano said.
Spano's decision to register as a Democrat provided yet another blow to a Republican Party that has seen its influence in Westchester diminish drastically in the past decade. The party has also suffered a string of key election defeats in recent years - including the loss suffered last year by Spano's elder brother, former state Sen. Nicholas Spano of Yonkers."

And what does Chairman Mondello have to say about this switch??
Absolutely nothing.
Mondello is doing for the state party what he did for the county party and bless his little heart, he's doing it at a faster pace.

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