Sunday, February 04, 2007

Who is O'Connell Trying to Fool?

You the voter that's who.
Her Osama/Terrorism expert mailing got some facts wrong and attempted to link O'Connell with Mike Balboni and the NYS Department of Homeland Security. Balboni has had to disavow the mailing and now the Johnson campaign is asking the Nassau DA to look into the mailing.

Newsday is reporting "In a letter to District Attorney Kathleen Rice dated yesterday, Johnson's campaign manager demanded the district attorney examine the O'Connell campaign's use of the insignia of the New York State Office of Homeland Security on literature mailed to voters.
The flier featured photos of Osama bin Laden and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad beneath the question: "Why do we need a Senator with Homeland Security experience?"
It also showed O'Connell and former state Sen. Michael Balboni pictured together under the New York State Office of Homeland Security logo. Balboni, a Republican, is the state's new deputy secretary for public safety whose vacated seat O'Connell is seeking.
"To the best of my knowledge, the campaign of Maureen O'Connell is not part of state government, much less the New York State Office of Homeland Security, and thus has no authority whatsoever to display the insignia of a government agency in a political mailing," Johnson's campaign manager, Brian Stedge-Stroud, wrote to Rice."

The O'Connell hacks responded with "[the request] is a desperate measure by a desperate person. It's clear there was no violation of the law."

They are "technically" correct. You see, the NYS DHS logo they are using is a fake. O'Connell hopes you the voter can't tell the difference.
The logo may be fake but that just proves that O'Connell is a fraud.
The photo with Balboni has nothing to do with his new position or homeland security.
Again, O'Connell is perpetuating a fraud.

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See the difference?
This is a weasel way to trick voters.

O'Connell's motto is "She says what she means"
And so far, she has been a fraud.
She has a problem with being truthful.
Oh what the heck, she's a liar.

Johnson is the clear choice for the voters in the 7th SD.

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From the Albany Times-Union

State Homeland Security Office spokesman Dennis Michalski slammed GOP 7th SD candidate Maureen O’Connell for using a “falsified state seal” in her campaign mailer, saying the move was “inappropriate” if not outright illegal.

“It is completely inappropriate for a political candidate to use a falsified state seal in the context of a political campaign. Politicizing state security issues is inappropriate and trivializes the law enforcement efforts of New York’s office of Homeland Security,” Michalski said. “We direct the campaign and candidate to the following passage from New York’s penal law that identifies such actions as arguably illegal.”

Here’s the passage in question:

§ 190.25. Criminal impersonation in the second degree

A person is guilty of criminal impersonation in the second degree when he:

1. Impersonates another and does an act in such assumed character with intent to obtain a benefit or to injure or defraud another; or

2. Pretends to be a representative of some person or organization and does an act in such pretended capacity with intent to obtain a benefit or to injure or defraud another; or

3. (a) Pretends to be a public servant, or wears or displays without authority any uniform, badge, insignia or facsimile thereof by which such public servant is lawfully distinguished, or falsely expresses by his words or actions that he is a public servant or is acting with approval or authority of a public agency or department; and (b) so acts with intent to induce another to submit to such pretended official authority, to solicit funds or to otherwise cause another to act in reliance upon that pretense.

Criminal impersonation in the second degree is a class A misdemeanor."

O'Connell should be going to jail.

Gee, aren't the NYS GOP county chairmen glad they elected Joe Mondello party chairman?

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