Friday, February 02, 2007

File Under Unbelievable: O'Connell Uses Osama in Mailing

Yup, Maureen has played the Osama Card. Capitol Confidential has the pretty pictures.
O'Connell is now trying to portray herself as a terrorism expert/fighter. "Here’s Republican 7th SD candidate Maureen O’Connell’s latest campaign mailer, which seeks not only to scare voters into supporting her, but also to link her with the man who held the seat she’s running for: Michael Balboni, former chair of the Senate’s homeland security committee and now Gov. Eliot Spitzer’s deputy secretary for public safety...
The way this is written, with an emphasis on Israel and O’Connell’s support of the Jewish community, it seems likely it was sent to Jewish households.
If that’s the case, however, it must have been sent out before her endorsement earlier this week by The Jewish Press, since that’s not mentioned here."
O'Connell is sure a desperate piece of work.

The Daily Gotham wasted no time in mockeing O'Connell (there are more pictures at Daily Gotham)
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