Friday, February 02, 2007

BREAKING NEWS: Ass. Joe Saladino (R-Massapequa) Endorses Oyster Bay Democrats

As seen on News12 LI's 'Long Island Talks' program, Saladino called for "checks and balances" in government (audio coming soon.)
At the end of the program, Saladino slipped in an endorsement for Maureen O'Connell saying she is needed to keep "checks and balances" in Albany.
The Town of Oyster Bay government is led by Republican John Venditto and has an all-Republican Town Board.
For the sake of the "checks and balances" he desires so much, Saladino will be endorsing the Democratic Supervisor candidate or the Town Board slate the Democrats nominate for this novembers elections.
Welcome Aboard Joe.
I'll drop some signs off at your house.

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