Tuesday, January 26, 2010

More On Schmitt

Schmitt is saying that the resolution for the raises were "...put it forth in the full light of day . . . and I stand by my decision."
The truth is that it was clocked in at the clerk’s office at 9:44 a.m. on Monday and the vote was held at 10:15am. It may have been light out but there was no time for discussion, debate or public input.
If Schmitt believes he deserved the raise he should have had the guts to hold a public hearing on it.
What was he so afraid of?

Oh, right.... He'd get raked over the coals and his spineless republican cohorts would re-think voting yes.

Happily the public is not taking this blatant money-grab so Schmitt is trying whatever he can to make excuses for why he is right. For years he has been attacking Democrats for what he perceived to be grave transgressions and in suggests he will be better than the Democrats. So why does Schmitt's excuse for the raises boil down to "Bu... bu...but... the Democrats"?
Schmitt says "All I did was what former presiding officer Judy Jacobs tried to do three times. I didn't see the Democratic legislators holding news conferences against her. . . . Nor did I see Democratic indignation when they voted to increase former County Executive [Thomas] Suozzi's salary by 60 percent."

Legislator Jacobs shines the light of truth and slaps Schmitt down "
I never put any raise proposal for legislators to a vote. And the proposal for Suozzi and others came from a [recommendation by] a bipartisan, blue ribbon panel when the economy was better."
In fact the reason why the idea for raises never went far was because Democrats opposed it. Schmit was angry then because he really needed the money. Now he feels he gets what he deserved.


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