Monday, January 25, 2010

HOLY SCHMITT!!! Peter Schmitt Gives Himself a 47% Raise.

Less than a month after taking over the Nassau County Legislature, Peter Schmitt and his republican cohorts have voted for a raise for Presiding Officer Schmitt and Deputy Presiding Officer John Ciotti.
Schmitt goes from from $67,500 to $99,500 and Ciotti goes from $62,500 to $84,500, a 35% increase.
It has been a long time since there has been a raise in the legislature and as a candidate I supported cost of living increases but this is still a part-time job.
To quote Schmitt himself from December 2003 when CE Suozzi wanted to give raises to people in his administration "These people are getting raises in excess of what anyone gets in the private industry. It's a disgrace." (Newsday Dec.30, 2003. sorry no link available)

Here is video Schmitt just three years ago when raises for County Executive, Comptroller, District Attorney and County Clerk. The budget was submitted to the Legislature and was subject to public hearings and a vote unlike the sneaky move Schmitt and his partners in crime pulled on Monday.

Schmitt is just a hypocrite. Here is Schmitt on News12 explaining why he deserves his raise.

He says that he is there everyday and if he is there everyday he should be compensated for it like it was full-time and that is the end of that.
County workers making much less than Schmitt does now and did previously when Schmitt made $63,000 went to work every day and worked a full day and never got raises like Schmitt says he deserves.

Just when you thought Schmitt was arrogant enough he keeps on going. He claims he has been "working for free."

No Peter, you have drawn a salary on the taxpayer dime for the past 14 years to the tune of $63,000/year. You have NEVER worked for free.


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