Tuesday, April 10, 2007

They Write Comments

I use the popular YouTube site to host video for this blog. Today I found a comment posted today on a vdeo that was put up last year.
Clearly the person is not a fan of this blog and is a complete class act.
"MisfortuneKing (8 hours ago)
NassauPolitics stop your damn crying and stop being a stubborn pedophile. I know the things he is doing are stopping you from molesting little children, but please spare us the comments. Don't bother replying to me. Saladino helps us, you hurt us. Saladino might not be perfect but he is doing his job, and doing it well. I'm thankful to have him help and protect the elderly , the handicapped, the children and us. Thank you Assemblyman Saladino."

I like the "Don't bother replying to me" part. "MisfortuneKing" is another in a long list of anonymous cowards.

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