Wednesday, April 18, 2007

CW Ch. 11 News at 10 Covers 1-800-Hot-Schmitt

The Phone Sex Chat Line story isn't dying down with just a Newsday story. CW News at 10 (Ch.11) did a story Wednesday night on the phone number mistake.
Schmitt who would call a press conference if Suozzi colored out of the lines was "unavailable for comment." This is a guy who has no other job than the part-time Legislature job.
So the republicans use Ed "$80,000/year part-time" Ward to come up with an excuse.
It was just all one big 50,000 piece mailing oopsie.
Nothing to see here, move along.
Dave Mejias got some face time correctly pointing out that there should have been a check before the mailing went out. And he said this mistake is coming from Schmitt, the man who wants to run the legislature.
Some of the "man (or woman) on the street" interviews weren't very positive for Schmitt and the republicans.
the video of the segment.

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