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Monday, February 07, 2011

Mangano Changes His Story on the NIFA Conspiracy


It's amazing that Mangano can just plain lie about things he said that are documented quite well. In a new statement about NIFA released on his Facebook page, Mangano tries to back off from his and Peter Schmitts conspiracy theory about NIFA.
Mangano says "My supporters and the media should know that I am not concerned whether NIFA is politically motivated or bipartisan."

But just a little sampling of his comments immediately following the control period announcement show Mangano was all in on NIFA being a grand conspiracy against him.

"(Residents) should question (NIFA’s) motivations,” Mangano said. “It’s to discredit the administration,” - Levittown Patch

"At today’s Long Island Association Executive Breakfast....
Mangano suggested some members of the NIFA control board should be changed because their motivations are purely political." Long Island Business News

"This is just a game to have us boxed in to raising real property taxes, a political game so they can say ‘Ed Mangano and the Tea Party came to office with reform and were unable to accomplish it’,” WCBS 880

And it's even ON VIDEO!!!!

Perhaps Mangano realizes that he sounds less dignified when he spins conspiracy tales like Schmitt.
Mangano does go on to say "What concerns me is that the architects of Nassau's budget mess are now acting as its watchdog."

Really? Is that why Mangano wanted to "PARTNER with NIFA"??
"If the unions don't work with us to achieve real savings, the county executive will partner with NIFA to protect taxpayers, a Mangano aide said in a statement."

Sorry Ed, you can't re-write your own words.

Monday, October 20, 2008

The Ever-Vague Peter Schmitt

In a Newsday article about Nassau County Comptroller Howard Weitzman's call for an additional $30million cut from the County budget, Souzzi is on board with that plan to save Nassau County finances "If the economy stays like it is now, maybe the county won't be in trouble, but I'm not willing to take that chance because it could get worse"
Legisaltor Dave Mejias takes the bold step of putting his cards on the table "There has to be more cuts, and everything is on the table, youth board programs to parks. And I'm not for raising property taxes above the 3.9 percent already called for."
Minority Leader Peter Schmitt?
Well, he takes the easy way "I would look for ways to work with the county executive to eliminate his onerous tax increase."
Could be a little more specific, Peter?
You are the Minority Leader who wants to be the Presiding Officer. Surely you can offer up an idea or at least draw a line in the sand. Can't you?