Tuesday, May 12, 2015

What's Wrong with Leg. James Kennedy's Bio?

Right out the gates the newest member of the Nassau County Legislature does what his predecessor did get squishy with his biography. Kennedy is in the 12th LD which is Massapequa. He is also the son in law of the the late Presiding Officer Peter Schmitt who originally held that seat.
On his official Nassau County web page, Kennedy says about himself "James Kennedy is a lifelong Long Island resident and a graduate of Fordham University. Before being elected in a special election in February 2015 to serve the 12th Legislative District, James worked as a fifth grade teacher at Holy Child Academy."
There is a teeny-tiny 3 YEAR issue with that introduction. You see, BEFORE being elected he didn't work as a teacher. Oh, he did work as a teacher previously but that changed in 2012 when he took a patronage job at the Nassau County Board of Elections.
Kennedy's father in law got him a patronage job through the republican party at the Board of Elections. 
Why leave his government work out? He worked for the County from 2012 until the special election in 2015. 
Why not just tell the truth?

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