Thursday, August 16, 2012

Mangano Police Consolidation Failure

Oh this is just brilliant.... Mangano and his inept lackey's pushed a precinct consolidation plan without taking a close look at one kind important part: SPACE. Seems that the genius that is Ed Mangano doesn't quite understand if you combine two things into one, the one thing will either be really crowded or it has to get bigger.
The consolidation of the 5th Precinct means that there isn't enough space in the building to the "money saving plan" means a $300,000 purchase of TRAILERS that will house officers. This being government by fools, the cost will probably be more in the end.
Newsday reports "But the consolidated precinct's mix of prisoners, officers and other staff is expected to be too crowded for the existing Hewlett building. So the department plans to install a modular building for added office space for supervisors, said First Deputy Commissioner Thomas Krumpter.
A similar trailer is expected to be installed when the First Precinct, in Baldwin, is consolidated with the Seventh, in Seaford. That consolidation is on track for Nov. 1, Krumpter said.
The modular buildings, permanent installations with foundations, cost about $150,000 each and measure about 1,300 square feet, said police department spokesman Insp. Kenneth Lack."

Nothing like making a professional police force look trashy, eh Ed?


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