Friday, January 07, 2011

Long Island Press Wakes Up and Realizes Mangano is Failing

After being practically an arm of the Mangano campaign in 2009 and virtually ignoring Nassau problems in 2010, the LI Press wakes up and takes a whack at Mangano.
Welcome to the party guys!

"Is Nassau Exec Ed Mangano In Over His Head?"

“He won and fucked up everything,” says a Nassau County political insider. “This is a man who was never used to being disliked. He was in the minority for years and you don’t piss people off when you’re in the minority. When you can’t get anything done, when you can’t kill a contract or you can’t hurt anyone, everyone likes you, and Ed was a really nice guy. I think he really wanted the county executive job but he didn’t want the job. Maybe he really is over his head.”

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