Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Mondello on Election Night

Newsday Spin Cycle reports that "Mondello, in the cheerier climes of Tuesday’s GOP gathering in Westbury, was widely quoted as saying: “This is a night to remember.”

Keep in mind that the sinking of the Titanic was called "A Night to Remember" too.


Anonymous said...

Why wouldn't he call it a night to remember? Retaking the Legislature and the entrenched CE on the ropes.

Anonymous said...

For you, I guess it would be a night to forget. 20%? Wow.

Anonymous said...

come on John... you're just upset because you lost...AGAIN. what will you run for next year?
And with regard to youe last post, Ambition is a great thing but not when you're elected as County Executive and then you abandon the county to ride around new york state campaigning on the Taxpayer's dime. Since high taxes are the only issue you people know of during election time

Anonymous said...

Really? Thats the best you got?

John said...

I did vote for you.

It also looks as though Mr Mondello was very correct.