Thursday, December 04, 2008

GOP Disdain for Young Voters Continues

As lawyers for embattled State Senator Frank Padavan (R-Queens) were serving subpeonas on college voters to prove they are eligible to vote, GOP Chairman Mondello rants on about young voters.
To him, the young voters who came out for Barack Obama and the Democrats nation-wide are just too stupid to realize that they are republicans. The Village Voice reports Mondello saying "You know those new young voters who came out to the polls for the first time to find the name Barak [sic] Obama and then voted Democratic? They are Republican voters. They don't know it yet, but they will find themselves looking at the Republican line in due time and voting for candidates who reflect their values and work ethic."

So the young voters who believe in a woman's right to choose, gay rights and a host of other center-left ideals are really republicans?
Note to Mondello: Young voters ARE voting their values and work ethic. They voted for a candidate who overcame great odds to win the presidency. They voted for Barack Obama who shares their values.
Mondello is trying to find ANY excuse for the decline in republican voter registration and losing elections.

What's great is Mondello is doing everything he can to avoid blame for election debacle after election debacle. In the Voice article, he just doesn't want teh republican party to think about what happend November 4th. Nothing to see there. Move along. "We need to push past any recriminations about who did, or didn't do what during the last election cycle."

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Anonymous said...

Don't do what he's doing. Don't. Mondello assumes that young voters will turn Republican once they start making money because they will fear government taking it and spending it.

Likewise, don't assume young voters voted on gay and abortion rights. This is the downfall of our party.

The truth is that more and more young people have see their parents with conservative economic principles, slave away and never get ahead, voting against their interests because they dream of someday being rich.

They also understand the reality of global warming and are motivated to make it better. They want to know they have a future -- a place to live and a job to live comfortably.

We wanted change. We voted our values and those values are economic.

The Democrats had to endure Bush for 8 years because we defined ourselves on marginal issues (yes, gun control, abortion and gay marriage are MARGINAL and MARGINALIZING issues).

The Republicans are sliding because the policies they espouse have eroded the middle class and torn apart families with debt. They've created a welfare state for the rich and people are sick of bailouts when execs are making billions themselves.