Wednesday, August 13, 2008

File Under: YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! (or: The Fuschillo File)

I've complained about the campaign sluch fund called Members Items (here and here) which is taxpayer money state legislators hand out as if they worked real hard for it.
Edmund J. McMahon, executive director of the Empire Center for New York State Policy calls the New York State Legislatures Members Items "personal philanthropy with other people’s money."
Today's outrage is $5000 Chuck Fuschillo was giving the Massapequa Elks.
Attorney General Coumo rejected the "grant" to the Elks.
What was the money for?
Newsday reports the AG "Rejecting a $5,000 grant to buy a walk-in refrigerator for a Massapequa Elks Lodge sought by Sen. Charles Fuschillo, a Long Island Republican. Cuomo rejected it because of "insufficient information."
That is YOUR tax money being spent on a refrigerator!!!!!!!
A REFRIGERATOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That is what Fuschillo thinks YOUR money should be going to when the State Budget outlook is grim?
It's time to kill Member Items and tighten controls over where taxpayer money is going.
Fuschillo is trying to buy the good will of the Massapequa Elks with your money.
If you weren't outraged before by Albany, you should be now.

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Anonymous said...

I agree!!! Not quite as bad though as a disgraced Democrat Governor who boned prostitutes as "official business" and used state troopers to stalk his republican counterparts.