Tuesday, January 08, 2008

It's Not About Good Government, It's About "What's Good for Me"

I took a long hiatus so forgive the older stories I'm bringing up.

Last month, the legislature approved raises for Suozzi, Rice, Weitzman, O'Connell and Levinson. The raises could be considered a tad big but that was the recommendation of a panel. For it or against it, it is refreshing to see republican legislator Fran Becker tell newsday honestly why he voted against the raises. Newsday reports that the republicans voted against the raises for a simple reason... "ME TOO!"
From Newsday: "
The vote came after legislative Republicans denounced Democrats for not seeking a similar raise for legislators, who earn $39,500 annually."
So it's really about the republicans wanting more money and not being fiscally conservative.
All the republicans minus Denise Ford voted against the raises for the same reason but Becker really nailed it.
Becker tells Newsday "
I don't even remotely get paid what I deserve," said Becker, a financial planner. "We're severely underpaid and we're asking for a raise so we can send our kids to college."

Looking at Beckers record and what he did while he was in the majority, Becker deserves LESS than whet he gets.
The kicker is that Becker the "financial planner" wants more money to send his kids to college but as a "financial planner" he should have "PLANNED" on saving money for that reason.
Becker wants you the Nassau Taxpayer to subsidize his kids college costs.
Nevermind that the Legislature is a PART TIME job and Becker should have a real full-time job that pays a real salary.
Maybe Fran could get a patronage job with the Town of Hempstead if he needs more money.

There is nothing wrong with the Nassau Legislature getting a raise in line with other part-time legislatures but it's interesting that they did not make a big deal about wanting more money before the november election.

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