Thursday, March 29, 2007

Schmitt Trying to Pull an Election Year Fast One

There is a big difference between tax relief and a freeze of property assessment. Schmitt should know that. He probably does but he's hoping YOU don't.
It sounds good to have a 5 year freeze on assessments but that does not scratch the surface of tax relief. News12 reports "Schmitt says he wants to put an end to stealth taxes and give residents a chance to catch their breath."
County Assessor Levinson says the county can't afford a 5 year freeze but may be able to do 2 years.
Again, that doesn't solve the long term problem of rising taxes.
Schmitt is saying he wants to "put an end to stealth taxes." Gee, isn't that all the special district taxes that Suozzi wants to tackle but Schmitt attacked him for? "Mr. Suozzi, before you attempt to consolidate Fire Districts, Police Departments, Water Districts, Sanitation and Refuse Districts … clean up your own Department of Social Services which is responsible for this disaster. I say to the County Executive DO YOUR JOB."
Suozzi IS doing his job by trying to coordinate the consolidation of superfluous districts and save taxpayers money.
The County portion on your taxes are only 17% (down from 20%) and the rest is Town/City, Fire, School, Sanitation, Water District and other local taxing entities.
A "freeze" on county assessments will not affect the other 83% of your taxes. Those taxing entities can increase your taxes if they need to.
This proposal sounds good but in the long run means very little to nassau tax payers. Schmitt is reverting to the one-shot gimmicks so popular for years under the rule of Schmitt and the Gulotta Republicans.
And yes, this is a gimmick. There is no long-term tax relief plan from Schmitt. This is just something he can get out into the press and hope to fool voters into thinking he actually does something.

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