Monday, May 23, 2005

Greg Peterson kills me

He really does. He says to Newsday on Saturday "It is one thing to have ambition and be proud of it. It's another to have ambition and be secretive about it .... Why can't he just say he's running for governor?"
So Greg, why were you so secretive back in 1998, when after you were sworn in as Town of Hempstead Supervisor you quit to go over to OTB where you replaced Nassau GOP chief Joe Mondello who had your job before he resigned to head OTB? Peterson didn't know before the November 1997 election that his buddy and leader Mondello was going to resign and Gulotta would tap him for the OTB job?
Why did Peterson do this? Why did he hide the fact that he planned to go to OTB after the election?
Let's be serious here. If Peterson didn't run for re-election in 1997 that would have been an open election with no incumbant. Nassau republicans don't like not having an incumbant. Petersons appointed successor Rich Guardino pulled the same thing so that Kate Murray could be appointed and run as an "incumbant" in the next election.

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