Thursday, May 15, 2003

More on the "Horse's Ass Controversy

More on the "Horse's Ass Controversy:"

In the May 2nd, 2003 "Legislative Minority Report," Pete tries once again to make an issue out of non-issue. One would think that there are more pressing issues in the county but for Pete, it's politics before people. Pete continues to fabricate the description of the horse in question. Pete keeps saying that the flag is painted on the "hindquarters of the horse" when it is the whole horse painted in red,white and blue with a field of stars. The sad attempt to politicize the patriotic design of a 9 year old girl is beyond the pale. Once again, we ask Pete Schmitt to go face to face with the 9 year old designer and tell her to her face that she is wrong and that she is not patriotic. Then Pete can go to the artist that painted the horse who is a vietnam vet and tell him to his face that he is wrong and unpatriotic. In his April "Report" Schmitt said the horse was "...shamelessly emblazoned with the American Flag..." We expect Pete and the rest of his cohorts to not "shamelessly" use the American flag on their political mailings and posters. We would like to welcome everyone down to Mineola to see the horses and let us know if they are offended. Everyone we've spoken to like the horses and don't see what the problem is.

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